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Music Production

Tom began music production in 6th grade. He took two audio cassette recorders and his arrangements of a baroque music piece from band class at school. Recording himself playing clarinet, he recorded one track at a time on one machine while “bouncing” previously recorded tracks from the other. His first self-produced recording was a 4-part arrangement for clarinet.

In high school, he rented 4-track and 8-track tape machines to record the music groups with whom he played guitar and sung. During college, Tom worked at Universal Recording in the late 1980’s and recorded and collaborated with numerous music artists.

In addition to becoming a professional guitarist/vocalist with society orchestras around Chicago, he collaborated with Dustin Parker on songs and they recorded in Nashville. They performed around the Midwest with Dustin’s road band. Tom became a session guitarist and sound engineer for Dustin Parker and for music artist Greg Brucker.

In the early 1990’s, Tom worked with Ken Hale at What the Hale Music Production as a sound engineer, music copyist and session guitarist.

After years as a sound engineer and freelance session guitarist for many Chicago music production houses, Tom opened his own commercial recording studio, TK Audio, in 1994. Throughout its years of growth, Tom took on more music projects as composer, producer and sound engineer for numerous artists and independent producers. Tom began producing and composing ad music for TV, radio, film and industrials. At times, he created music for films and played as a session musician for other music producers. Years later, TK Audio was transformed into Level 10 Sound.

In 1999, Tom released his first solo CD of original songs “Another Day in Cowtown.” Afterwards, he started to work on recordings of his smooth jazz compositions.

In 2009, Tom released a music CD of his song parodies “Lighten Up!”. Mp3’s of the song parodies as well as their music-only “karaoke” versions have been selling worldwide from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

In 2010, Tom performed classical guitar live on Chicago radio station WFMT along with The Chicago Symphony’s John Hagstrom on trumpet. Some of the music pieces performed included Tom’s own arrangements for solo classical guitar.

In 2011, Tom released his self-made solo classical guitar music CD “Primero.” Phoenix Classical, a division of Phoenix Records in Canada, offered to promote it. Among their compliments were “emotive and expressive,” “excellent performance and production quality” and “very good radio potential.” CD’s and mp3’s of “Primero” have been selling worldwide from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

In 2012, Tom released a new music CD of his original rock songs “Love, Cynical.” A new music CD of easy-listening original instrumental music is near completion. Production begins for a second solo classical guitar CD.
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