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Tom Krol has been entertaining audiences and recording music since his first public performance in 1977 at a young solo guitarist competition at McCormick Place in Chicago. He is classically-trained musican of 5 instruments and has perfect musical pitch.

He performed guitar on the Halo 2 video game soundtrack, in Nashville studios, for Atlantic Records and on numerous commercials on TV and radio as a studio session guitarist of classical, acoustic and electric guitars.

Tom has also written, recorded and sung on jingles that have been broadcast on TV and radio. He has performed guitar and sung with just about every society music orchestra around Chicagoland since 1987.

In 2010, he performed classical guitar live for a 1-hour live broadcast on WFMT in a duet with John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In 2011, he released a self-produced solo classical guitar music CD "Primero" that Phoenix Classical of Phoenix Records in Canada described as "excellent performance," "expressive and emotive," "excellent production quality," and "very good radio potential."

In 2018, Tom released his album "Passionart" of solo classical guitar music featuring recordings of a guitar that was previously owned and played by the late Maestro Andres Segovia.

Tom plans to release another solo album "Drift" of solo classical guitar music featuring his own arrnagements of easy listening music. Beyond that, another album of classical guitar cross-over of produced music.

In addition to playing guitar and singing (coached by vocal instructor Katie Agresta in NYC), Tom is also a music producer and sound engineer who also performs professionally bass, drums, clarinet and piano.